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It w●as I who did it: here I am; l●et them put me to death.' E●relong those gloomy clo

uds, w■hich seemed to announce a day of s

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torms, ■appeared to break. There were t■empests afterwards, but, speaking generally, E●ngland found in this energet●ic act one of the sources of her greatness, i■nst

ead of the misfortunes with which■ she was threatened. At the moment when ●greedy eyes began to covet the revenues of Camb●ridge and Oxford, a recollection of th■e pleasant days of his youth was


awakened i●n Henry's mind. 'I will not permit the wolves ar●ound me,' he said, 'to fall upon the univer●sities.' Ind


eed, the incomes of a few convents ●were employed in the foundation of new s■chools, and particularly of Tr●inity Col


lege, Cambridge; an■d these institutions helped t■o spread throughout England the ligh■ts of the Renaissance and of t


he Re■formation. An eloquent voice wa●s heard from those antique halls,● saying: 'O most invincible ■prince, great i


s the work that you have beg■un. Christ had laid the foundation; the ■apostles raised the building. But alas! barr●en


weeds had overrun it; the papal tyrann●y had bowed all heads beneath its yoke. Now■, you have rejected the pope; ●yo


ce of monks. What mor●e c

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k for? We pray that t●hose ho


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cenobites, where an ignorant s●warm of drones was wont to buzz,[219] shoul●d behold in {103} their academic h

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